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Barrier gestures and other distance instructions ...!? Pdf Pdf
Although at the beginning of summer, all the serious indicators allow us to affirm that the flu epidemic, in France as in Europe, is indeed over, the French government (whose effectiveness and the consistency of previous decisions) persists in imposing a drastic regulation of "deconfinement" whose logic escapes...
Since the risk of contamination is close to zero, as is always the norm at the end of an influenza epidemic, why are all these precautions really necessary? Whether it is for the sole "benevolent" purpose of preserving our health can only raise broad questions ...!? Especially since the demonstration, this time really scientific, of their uselessness has recently emerged and definitely comes to deny the official discourse
Denis Rancourt, former professor of physics at the University of Ottawa, has just published a study whose documented relevance leaves no room for doubt: https://vixra.org/pdf/2006.0044v1.pdf  ”
And above all, watching his interview may be able to reassure even among the most alarmed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fvp6uah-2hY
So, although the reopening of tourist accommodation is more or less (nothing official!) subject to its rules of hygiene and distancing, we do not comply and we decided not to change anything, nor in our behaviour, nor in the services we offer. Consequently, we also expect from our visitors the same invigorating attitude ... It is therefore up to you, in all transparency and under these conditions, to decide, or not, to come to our house ...
Some additional remarks:

  • The cleanliness as well as the freshness of our rooms and their bedding has always been one of our very first attentions… But these guidelines are completely comparable to the rules of hygiene applied in hospital establishments which, obviously, we are not!
  • Besides, although nobody until now seems to be aware of it, guaranteeing them will have the first effect of making the hosts (us!) Legally responsible for a hypothetical contamination in the event of a flaw in the "protocol". It is out of the question that we expose ourselves to this risk of procedural abuses!
  • Finally, and this is the most unacceptable, they irreparably degrade the climate of conviviality and exchanges which is characteristic of our reception activity ..., in any case as we see it! If we have to establish a whole series of “barrier gestures” to supposedly protect our hosts, this implies that our place and we potentially represent a formidable danger for them. This preliminary distrust is not reconcilable with the desire and the will to meet and to know others which are our essential motivations.

Contribution Stéphane Muguet
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