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Barrier gestures and other distance instructions ...!? Pdf Pdf

Although at the beginning of June, all the serious indicators make it possible to affirm that the epidemic of influenza, in France as in Europe, is indeed well and truly over, the French government (whose effectiveness and consistency have been appreciated of previous decisions) persists in imposing a drastic regulation of "deconfinement" whose logic escapes...
Since the risk of contamination is close to zero, as is always the norm at the end of an influenza epidemic,
why are all these precautions really necessary?
Whether it is for the sole “benevolent” purpose of preserving our health can only raise broad questions…!?
Thus the reopening of tourist accommodation places "seems" subject to hygiene and distancing constraints, to say the least paradoxical. We say "seems" because, to our knowledge, no ministerial directive officially imposes them. Unless the protocol deployed by Gites de France (*) must be considered as the standard which, unless proven otherwise, is not the case ...
In fact we are not affiliated with this network and its directives do not concern us not !
Besides after consultation and to put it bluntly they appear ubiquitous, often ridiculous and ultimately impractical.

  • The cleanliness as well as the freshness of our rooms and their bedding has always been one of our very first attentions… But these guidelines are completely comparable to the rules of hygiene applied in hospital establishments which, obviously, we are not!

  • Besides, although nobody until now seems to be aware of it, guaranteeing them will have the first effect of making the hosts (us!) Legally responsible for a hypothetical contamination in the event of a flaw in the "protocol". It is out of the question that we expose ourselves to this risk of procedural abuses!

  • Finally, and this is the most unacceptable, they irreparably degrade the climate of conviviality and exchanges which is characteristic of our reception activity ..., in any case as we see it! If we have to establish a whole series of “barrier gestures” to supposedly protect our hosts, this implies that our place and ourselves potentially represent a formidable danger for them. This preliminary distrust is not reconcilable with the desire and the will to meet and to know others which are our essential motivations.

From all this it appears that we have decided not to change anything in our behaviour or in the services we offer
and we expect the same stimulating attitude from our visitors.
And therefore it's up to you who, in all transparency and under these conditions, to decide, or not, to come to visit us...


(*) "Here is a summary of the main principles of the health protocol implemented for the cleaning of Gites de France accommodation:
• Ventilation of rooms before and during cleaning,
• Cleaning of surfaces then disinfection with approved product. Particular attention is paid to frequently touched elements: door handles, switches, remote controls, etc.
• Washing of household linen at high temperature,
• Washing dishes at high temperature,
• Air conditioning filter cleaned,
• Paper documents, unnecessary textile accessories (cushions, throws, etc.) are removed from the housing.
All contacts that owners have with their hosts will strictly respect the rules of social distancing. "

Contribution Stéphane Muguet
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