Le Mas d'Issoire
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About us ?

Simone Mathis and Bernard Bouchault have been together since 1984,
parents of Giulia born in 1990.
They have been residents of the property for many years
and are deeply attached to the region.
Simone was a trilingual secretary.
She instructs a class in gymnastics enjoys gardening
and is addicted to singing lyrics..
Bernard is trained as an architect, designs contemporary furniture, and for the good of this project, he has, in the last five years, become a builder!!


Why offer Bed & Breakfast ?

As you may have noted from the previous page, the restoration of this property has absorbed a lot of our time, money and energy. To see it through to the end, we needed a project that was self financing.For us another consideration was that, even though we chose to live in a beautiful place,it is not without a certain amount of isolation. Therefore, the region being ideally suited, to offer ‘Bed & Breakfast’ became obvious. And it did work pretty well....and we still enjoy it !
So that's why, after a couple of years of intense hard work at the beginning, next year 2014, we will start our fourteenth  season.



What type of Bed & breakfast ?

Having used the traditional ‘Bed & Breakfasts’ of the British Isles, we decided we wanted to mirror this style of accommodation as much as possible. Our guests are invited to share our home with us and are not simply ‘paying clients’.
We have tried to create an environment where you feel completely at ease ,a ‘home from home’, and where we can get to know you as friends. Here, you are in genuine surroundings, a place that is our home and a part of our lives.
We have made the decision to share this with you, and for the short time you are with us, we hope we will get the chance to know you.The layout of the house is ideally suited for ‘Bed & Breakfast.
The rooms (and only these rooms) occupy the east wing of the building. – cf visit –
Each room has a suite shower and toilet facilities.
Towels are provided and are changed twice a week.
The bed linen is changed after four or five nights.
A traditional ‘continental’ breakfast is served to you, on the terrace during the summer,
whenever you wish between the hours of 8h30 and 10h30.
Breakfast includes orange juice, a hot drink (coffee, tea, hot chocolate etc.), cereals, a choice of different types of bread (baguette, multi grain, rye bread, etc.), homemade jams and depending on the inspiration that day from the ‘Lady of the House’,
homemade cakes or fruit salad, made from the seasonal fruits available (some of which will have come from the garden).
We have a ‘No Smoking’ policy in all the bedrooms and we do not admit pets (Too many problems each time we did it....!).
We believe in respecting your peace and quiet, but by the same token we feel that this environment is perfect for getting to know others, and we hope very much to make friends from all over the world.
In addition to ensuring that your accommodation and surroundings are comfortable, we would be delighted to share with you, our knowledge of the region. If you require any guidance, we would be more than happy to offer advice on the local sites of interest.
We are also able to offer a selection of books and maps that will assist you in planning your time spent with us.


Why use the internet ?

The recent increase in ‘Green Tourism’ has seen the growth in the availability of ‘Gites’ and ‘Bed and Breakfast’, whose main objective appears to be: achieving maximum capacity.
The main organisations who offer affiliation, are trying to bring a degree of professionalism to the industry, which in itself is not a bad thing. Unfortunately, whilst trying to guarantee a ‘level of quality’, the result is, the standardisation of the facilities and a control of the way ‘hosts’ interact with their guests (for example, in the Ardèche, the most well known organisation, insists that you complete a training course to learn how to welcome your clients!!)
We want therefore to retain our independence and this new form of communication, for us, seems to be the ideal tool:
- Ideal, because it gives total transparency between you and ourselves. There is no guide book available, whatever its quality or level of selection criteria, that can guarantee you have made the right choice.
On our website (besides what you are reading here, which is our ‘Charter of Quality’), you can browse freely through the pages of the website, save any of the pages, print off any number of the dozen pages of information and descriptions :
Visit the rooms offered, look at photo’s of the surrounding countryside, obtain a map of our location and details on how to find us. Take a leisurely look at a selection of local sites of interest that we have carefully chosen, view the price list, etc..
Where else can you obtain so much information, so quickly, on your future holiday destination?
- Ideal, because we are able to establish contact directly with you.
By being able to communicate with each other directly, we cut out the involvement and cost of a ‘Middleman’ and this (if we use this opportunity available to us) is one of the biggest advantages that the internet can offer us.
The guarantees of an intermediate salesperson (however professional he is), can be misleading, even deceptive..! You can came and visit us with every confidence (if, of course, you feel what we are offering will suit you). For we have the opportunity to know you, before we have even met you.
- And finally ideal, because you can find out very quickly the availability of the rooms you require, (without any binding commitment on your part) by completing the form or send us a Email at the page ‘Contact’.
Generally we reply 2 to 3 times a day.
To confirm the reservation all you have to do is to send us an email, giving us the details of your reservation.
We will then calculate the deposit (20% of the total cost of the stay, the deposit can be paid by cheque, mandat or direct debit) .While waiting to receive your deposit, your request is treated as a pre-reservation.
Once we have receipt of your deposit we will contact you by email, or fax confirming your reservation and receipt of deposit.

Your guest
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