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Charming bed and breakfast in southern Ardèche

Two important new features in 2024...
First a brand new website: Here!
Use immediately if you are on a smartphone.

And then a large vacation home:There!
Two to four bedrooms with bathrooms.

Localisation GPS Lat. 44:21:27N (44.3568) Long. 4:19:09E (4.3191)
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Notre nouvelle location de vacances
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Our bedrooms

Our guest house was born from the restoration of part of a 17th century hamlet acquired in 1975and at the time totally in ruins.
If we insisted on respecting traditional construction methods, the interior layout and decoration of the rooms are resolutely contemporary.
Ideally located in southern Ardèche, 10 km from Pont d'Arc and the Gorges de l'Ardèche, Aven d'Orgnac
and the Grotte-Chauvet 2, a facsimile of the real cave, the four bedrooms and, now, the holiday home
are however away from the great summer bustle and enjoy a particularly protected natural setting and great tranquility.
They overlook a garden, all have terraces, two of which are private for the third and fourth bedrooms.
Lovers of Anglo-Saxon Bed & Breakfasts and Guest-Houses, we try to preserve their original spirit.
Our hosts are not (we hope...) simple consumer tenants so we try to make them feel both free and welcomed as familiars.
We also offer a table d'hôte (by reservation only).

Guide des Hôtels et Maisons d'hôtes de charme en France 2020

Guide Rivages

We have been selected for 8 years by the Guide Rivages des Maisons d'hôtes de charme.
It is (was), from our point of view, the only bed and breakfast guide with an editorial line worthy of the name... All addresses were visited regularly and registration was free for hosts.
And the latter therefore had no right to look at the texts that described them!
But the "digital shift" seems to have overcome this exception.
The hard-to-find 2020 paper edition brings together both Hotels and Guest Houses...
And the online version (see "IGuide Rivages")
no longer has much in common with the spirit of the paper Guide
(paid of course and the height of denial in partnership with TripAdvisor and Airbnb!).
If we still refer to it today it is only because many travelers continue to use it
(often with old versions) and we have always appreciated these hosts!
So if you find any, don't hesitate to get a few copies.
because they remain an unequaled source of high quality addresses...


Guide des Hôtels et Maisons d'hôtes de charme en France 2020

The Grotte Chauvet 2-Ardèche or the triumph of merchantile Culture!

The restitution area of ​​the "Grotte Chauvet 2" is accessible to the public since April 2015.
Built by the Rhône-Alpes region and the General Council of Ardèche with the support of the State and Europe,
it has been presented as one of the largest cultural projects in France today
(the original cave having has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site).
Alas, 2 years later, the reality, unless we redefine the term culture, is far removed from the ambition displayed
even if the quality of the realization (and this is only an aggravating circumstance!) is undeniably confirmed at the height of the stake.
Not inclined to endorse what we are not far from considering as a deception and more, solicited by the managers of the site
to "prolong [their] success we decided to react and make public our point of view ...It's here (for the moment only in French) ! Fichier Pdf

Contribution Stéphane Muguet